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tv   News 4 at Eleven  NBC  January 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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water source. >> the water crisis in flint, michigan, has some area residents wondering if our water supply could ever suffer the same fate. you're watching news 4 at 11:00, on your side. in high definition. >> good wednesday, and thanks for joining us. the reno and wash show county have -- county have come to an agreement. big announcement, here is what the agreement means for the city, the county, and and you the taxpayer. >> reporter: it's called the
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expensive -- more than a year later, city and county officials stood side by side, to announce a settlement. >> i think everyone was just sick and tired of fighting and you have new elected leaders you.
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do that and step up. >> reporter: truckee meadows -- to offset the claims, now that things are, truckee meadows will pay more than $400,000 in workers comp and interest to the city. in a 4-2 vote, city council members approved a $116,000 donation for the virginia lake water quality project. it allows for less money to be used from the capital improvement project, and help clean up the lake. and the ballpark is to get upgrades, including hd video, and surround sound this year. even though ballpark official couldn't affords principal payments for the construction debts of the ballpark last year. this he could just pay a little more than $2 million in interest expenses this is covering to the annual report that officials are required to provide. the report shows the ballpark still has $63 million in outstanding debt.
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continue to look for refinances options. only on 4, a reno teacher is on administrative leave and understand investigation, the allegations against the teacher include inappropriately touching students. concerned parents say school officials weren't forthcoming. >> reporter: madison, it was after i called the school district and asked how they are handling the allegations that a teacher was touching children inappropriately, did they confirm this investigation? latoya campbell wrote a statement, saying in response to your question, there is an investigation underway at steady elementary. a teacher has been placed on administrative leave, pending the outcome of this investigation. now, i spoke to a couple of concerned parents. they say they are disappointed
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parents about the situation earlier. >> i just hope in the future that they react more faster. because when it comes to children, you know, you teach your children how to try to defend themselves. >> reporter: campbell says the wash show county school police is handling the investigation. she could not confirm when the reports were first made or when the teacher was placed on leave. they were to make mandatory reports no more than 48 hours if it's expected a child is a victim of abuse. the teacher out of the classroom for now, madison, as police investigate if a crime has been committed. a carson city judge has overturned a nevada assemblyman's dui conviction, james wilson stated a blood test wasn't enough evidence to richard decree owe. he says the crime lab technician
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necessary to prove the blood was above the legal limit. deputies say he was sounds asleep in his car last february after reportedly leaving a bar near the capital deering the legislative cbs. the decision -- session. a federal judge has denied a new trial for a nevada trucking company after a crash that killed six peel in 2011. -- people in 2011. john davis trucking is to pay $4.5 million in damages to amtrak after one of their trucks crashed into a train. it happened about 60 miles from reno on highway 95. the jurors concluded an in inattentive truck driver, who was also killed was partly to blame. a warming trend has hit the region, but more winter weather is on the way. >> i love that shot! and we have another one, a look at downtown it, is dry for news, things will change on friday,
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lot of wind on friday, rain chances moving in, animal moth lake village, we need more snow, it melted whatever was there. so they'll get more as well. so right now, we have crystal clear skies, that meanings overnight lows -- means overnight lows around freezing. behind the frontal boundary, which the warm sector, the cold sits and waits, and drops the snow level down to, are you ready, to possibly 4, 4500. we have 37 now, it's already 28 and at the freezing mark in carson city. winds are calm, no big change there, and here's the planner for tomorrow morning, mainly. 7:00 a.m., around 30, increasing clouds as we go through the day, and highs up in error 50s. close to 60 -- upper 50s, and chose to 60 the flint water crisis is a night march for residents and -- nightmare for residents and state official.
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might have been poisoning water for more than a year, but a state of emergency wasn't declared until three weeks ago. there are dire health consequences. the situation is called a national disgrace, but this has happened in other american city. our water source weighed. >> to what happened in flint happen here? >> the situation in flip, michigan, really -- flint, michigan would be likely to happen here, just because the way the infrastructure is set up. we are a newer infrastructure, we have no lead pipe, and we have a consistent water source. >> he session -- says the dirty water should have set off an alarm that something was up. while truckee meadows has the
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flint facility, there's one difference. truckee is -- they do routine testing over and above what is required. to see the annual water quality reports, visit our website. if your without healthcare for 2016, you only have four days to sign up. nearly 80,000 nevada people have enrolled through nevada health link officials say the silver state has a ways to go. last year, 20% of nevada ands were uninsured, this year, they estimate 14% are still without healthcare. if you do note enroll by -- not in role by sunday, i face a -- you face a penalty. some people are okay with paying that the fee, and say they would rather opt out. if you would like to know why
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fee, you can head to mynews there is the leader of oregon group home. why ammon bundy's arrest may
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>> it's been hidden under welcome back, reporters in portland, say the armed group that has occupied a national wild live refuge for more than three weeks are leaving tonight.
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member of the group was killed, and leader has wasn't into custody -- taken into custody. >> reporter: it happened along this stretch of highway 395, remote area police and federal agents say they picked to reduce the chance of violence. but as officers pulled over a caravan of leaders from an anti government protest degrees, 45 miles from the oregon wildlife refuge they occupied for almost a month, something went wrong. >> one man died yesterday, as we attempted to take him into custody. because there's an ongoing investigation, i cannot comment on the details. >> reporter: finkum was a spokesman for the group, and told nbc news -- . >> honestly there, are things more important than your life, and freedom is one. >> reporter: 8 protestors were taken into the custody, including the group's leader, ammon bundy, and and his brother ryan.
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afternoon, another member of the group turned himself in in arizona. armed protestors remain in control of the malheur national wildlife refuge right now, but from behind bars, bundy is urging them to leave. his attorney read a statement. >> the fight is ours in the court. please go home. >> reporter: echoing an emotional play from sheriff ward. >> this has been tearing the community apart. this can't happen anymore,. >> reporter: a county carol in the cross hairs of -- squarely in the cross hairs of a debate that has turned violent now. ammon bundy and his six codefendants were to be held without bail during the appearance in u.s. district court in portland, oregon. each faces a federal felony charge of conspiracy to impede officers, of the united states, from discharging officials
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intimidation or threat. other news, a recent traffic stop in oklahoma turned into a wild ride for a k9 officer after car. ben henson was pulled over for a minor traffic violation, and about to get off with just a warning when the trooper decided to search henson's car. as the evidence against henson began to mounts up on the hood of the patrol car, henson slipped his cuffed hands up his feet, jumped into the driver's seed and went on a chase -- seat,'s went on a chase. all right, turning to tomorrow's news tonight, starting at mid-nice, a nationwide effort to help the home his. washoe county -- is gearing up for the fourth annual event. build our center, teaming up to host the events in downtown reno. businesses throughout the community are supporting the
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clothing and other resources. organizers say it's important because it helps them do so much more than just provide necessities to the kids. >> it's hugely important, because the numbers impact the revenue that comes into the state for homelessness. we are already over burdened in the shelters here in washoe county. and as far as youth, we don't have a specific youth shelter, so we need to do the best job we can so that when the states are submitting funding, they know it's a necessity. >> the events runs from midnight tonight, to midnight tomorrow at west street plaza. donations are being accepted. you can visit >> we have a storm on the way. it's starting to hit the northern tip of california. watches and warnings are up. first, high wind watch.
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usually turns into a warning, so i would the nobody surprised when -- not be surprised when we get to friday. gusts of 50, south in the fresno area, towards, i'd say yosemite to king's canyon, winter storm watch in effect, and we'll likely see those issued for our area. for the next storm, what do we have? gusty winds to start on friday, and in the valley, talking 40, 50-miles an hour, and snow levels drop to 4500 feet by saturday. we're not sure on timing right now. almanac today, 55/47 was the low. 27 elko, and we hit 50. still, right around afternoon. 37 right now, and then, we'll get to the upper 50s to 60 tomorrow.
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south lake 24, and truckee, at 27, and the air is dry in reno, obviously. upper 20s in spots already. this is the next storm, and here is the timing of it all. includes and radar, zipping into later on tomorrow when we see clouds increasing in the afternoon hours. and here it comes, then we slide down into this view for friday morning early, rain in the sierras, stays raining, and watch this, from friday at 9:00 a.m., late in the day, and i mean evening it continues to pour, and then it turns to snow. once we get to the snow profile, it stays snowing, all the way overnight into saturday morning, and this model paints some snow on valley floor on saturday morning early. we'll wait and see it, could happen. the timing could be off a little, but i think some point during the weekend we will see t 35 the overnight low tonight, mostly cloudy, and tomorrow, we get to 60, some places will be
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but darn close. overnight lows in the eastern part of the state, cold, single digits in elko, 37 the high, and south, well, southeast of here, 32 fulton, and highs in the upper 50s, look at the 60s in day ton, especially arrington, 60. around the lake, below freezing overnight, and highs in the mid-40s. 45 in the village, and south lake tahoe will be nice and warm. mid-50s to 62 in spots, and down south, on to the valley floor, overnight lows close to freezing, highs around 56-60. rainfall chances ramp up for carson city late. snow is on the way! and drive carefully. here's the winter storm. it's going to be an interesting change from rain to snow starting on friday night into saturday. and your 7-day numbers look like this: get ready for big changes. take your chains, drive slowly,
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going. guys? >> all right, thanks so much. nevada women's basketball
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hi it's been a milestone, 32 years in the making, nevada women's basketball coach albright went into tonight, one win away from the 500th of her career. to san diego state, second quarter, to the corner, knocking down the 3-ball.
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nevada still up by 3, off the dribble, pull-up jumper, nevada leads it by 5. pack on the run again, smith, the juco transfer, she can't score. a.j. there for the rebound, and put-back. albright gets the 500th win of her career. as they top san diego state. wolfpack men's let one slip away. nevada led this one for more than 26 minutes of the contest, and had a 8 point cushion with over 6 minutes. san diego state rallied, and went on a 13-3 run in the final 6 minutes, took a victory, and remain undefeated. they were very disappointed,
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>> absolutely. we had control of the game, the whole game. gave it away. it's tough. it's hard to swallow, but nobody likes losing like that, especially with the closing game, especially game's in our favor, it was hard to comprehend that. >> effort, enthusiasm, you know, everything's got to be put into perspective. we could have won the game, and we didn't. >> trip to logan for a show-down for an old rival. nevada will face utah state: tip off for 6:00 p.m. northern nevada time. national signing day is just around the corner, fans can get insight. nevada will host a national signing day dinner from 6-8,
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a moment! pepperville, next wednesday. the head coach will introduce the class, and talk about each signee. admission is $25, but you have to register in advance, members of the blitz club can attend for free. go to guess what's next? warriors going perfect 21-0 at home clay thompson in the first, thompson corner, 3, warriors up by 11 early on. more from la i. he goes -- clay. easy finger roll, thompson with 45 points on the night. golden state rolls over dallas. 127-107.
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crushed into the boards, trying to get to the bench. helped -- henderson would be down for a while. look at this one more time. this is after wideman took a hit into the boards, so he's probably dazed. nasty to see that, predator won 2-1. nbc didn't sends me the video, may wouldn't to see it on line. you see wideman get blasted, head first. >> okay. >> so there's an extension to this story, so go online, and see if you can finds that. i'm sorry -- you can find it. i fund it on twitter -- found it on twitter. >> looks likes he's just being a jerk. i think that's more to that story. >> all right. thanks.
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news 4 at 11:00 will >> the monte carlo ship, back in 1936, on new year's eve. local officials say the 300-foot gambling casino vessel was
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the sand, rumor has it there are $100,000 worth of silver dollars trapped understand tons -- . >> i want my metal detector! let's go. >> lottery's over -- >> have to find something. >> here we go, rain chances friday night, the 8000 feet to almost 4000 on saturday and sunday. keep that in mind, drive carefully.
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